Short Form Videos – How to Keep Users Engaged with Your Content

Video has long been one of the top ways users have consumed content, both for recreation and business. Creating a video can be a great way to drive home a meaningful message or go in-depth on a topic, but it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Recent studies have shown that users get impatient fast, with most clicking away from a video in under 60 seconds. What are some steps you can take to ensure your audience stays engaged with your video content?

Grab Their Attention

The best way to keep your audience interested in what you have to say is by keeping your content relevant to them. Sales 101 states that you have to focus on your prospect, not brag about yourself. Using this way of thinking to outline your video will set you up for success from the start. 

By appealing to your customers/prospects and hitting them with messaging that shows you understand their pain points, you’ll establish your company as a reliable source that users will gravitate towards. Because video content can be so rich in detail and messaging, it can be used for thought leadership, lead generation, and more. Think critically about what your audience wants to hear, and how to best convey your business as the solution to their problems. 

Know the Current State of Video (AKA: How Tik Tok Is Influencing It)

It’s no surprise that Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media apps, given how many people started playing with the video sharing app during 2020’s lockdown. Its popularity over the last few years is reflective of the new way of creating and consuming content – vertically shot, information-rich, bite-sized videos are all over everyone’s feeds. Even long-standing streaming giants like YouTube have begun adopting Tik Tok’s video format

Most Tik Toks are under 60 seconds and often include sped up or fast-cut shots to make the most of the time limit the app provides (and, in turn, conditions users to lose focus after that minute is up). It’s key that marketers are aware of this trend and aim to keep most of their high-level video content within this time frame to keep users engaged. 

Equipping yourself with these up-to-date video marketing tactics will ensure your organization delivers its message in a way that keeps users engaged and improves your brand’s online presence. Stay on top of trends in video consumption in your target markets and take advantage of this ever-developing branch of digital marketing!