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HubSpot Smarter: Strengthen Your Business with Integrated Marketing, Sales, and Service Tools

Get to Know HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM platform that covers all of your marketing, sales, and service needs. Their inbound marketing approach champions the “flywheel” methodology: “The Flywheel is a model adapted by HubSpot to explain the momentum you gain when you align your entire organization around delivering a remarkable customer experience.” In other words, think of HubSpot as a customer management machine that your business operates and grows around. It allows you to collect lead and customer data, launch your inbound marketing initiatives, and nurture sales and conversions all in one interconnected place.
Within this document we will review all the key components of HubSpot, or its “Hubs”, centered around the CRM, and discuss how you can utilize HubSpot to optimize yourbusiness operations.