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10 Marketing Tips To Drive Topline Growth

A robust plan should consist of six key sections – beginning with market research, followed by messaging and positioning and eventually leading into an actionable implementation Gantt chart prioritizing tactical milestones.

Develop a strategic plan that will serve as the roadmap for all of your marketing efforts:

  1. Research
  2. Messaging & Positioning
  3. Tactical Deep Drive
  4. Asset Development
  5. Marketing Dashboard w/ KPIs
  6. Tactical Implementation
Identify and narrow the list of marketing channels you will pursue upfront
  • Deep dive into a comprehensive list of marketing channels you could implement.
  • Explore strategic partnerships to achieve online and global scale.
  • Don’t forget about exploring online properties, not just tactics or partnerships.

Once you’ve defined your target audience(s) and message, you will need to outline how you will communicate this using different marketing tactics and how you will distribute your product/offering over multiple channels and verticals.