3 Easy Ways Your Coworkers Can Increase Social Media Engagement on Your Company’s Posts

If you’ve read our previous blog posts, you’ll know exactly how to set up each of your company’s social media profiles for success. Now that the profile exists, the real work begins – making sure that your posts get in front of as many viewers as possible. Social media algorithms favor posts that earn high engagement, which is determined by the number of reactions, comments, and shares on a post. If your posts don’t earn much engagement, then not many people will see your posts – and in turn, your company profile – on their social media feeds. 

How can you guarantee that your company’s posts will earn high engagement? The answer is much simpler than it sounds – leverage your coworkers’ presences on social media to boost your company profiles! Check out our tips for increasing your company’s social media engagement below: 

1. Be transparent with your social media posting schedule.

Keep a monthly calendar of your social media posts. Utilize free social media scheduling tools to make sure that you’re prepared to post consistently on social media throughout the month. 

2. Ask your employees to like and share! 

When you post on your company’s social media profiles, let your coworkers know! Send a team-wide email asking them to take a look at the post, give it a like, and share it with their network. This is an easy way to expand the reach of your posts past solely your company’s followers, and to each of your coworkers’ networks as well. 

3. Encourage your coworkers to maintain and grow their social media networks.

The larger your coworkers’ networks, the more people viewers will see your company’s social media posts when your coworkers engage with them. Your coworkers should connect with each other, as well as with leads in the company’s pipeline, industry peers, contacts from networking events (both in-person and virtual), and family and friends. 

Each of the tips listed above shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each day, from you or your coworkers. While these tips won’t have drastic chances on your social media profiles overnight, if applied consistently, they will lay the groundwork to not only help increase social media engagement, but also in profile following over time.