Helping a Research Firm Identify, Nurture, & Convert Leads to Closed Deals

Case Study

The Situation

Grand View Research is a market research and consulting company used by the world's leading academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies to make better informed business decisions.

Grand View provides syndicated research reports, customized research studies, and consulting services, with a database featuring thousands of statistics and in-depth analysis on 46 industries across 25 major countries worldwide.

Grand View Research captured new leads by offering free, abridged versions of its market research reports, with a goal of converting those free downloads into full report purchases. Whilst generating thousands of new leads on a monthly basis, Grand View was converting new customers at a rate of less than 1%. TribalVision was tasked with solving this conversion problem.

About Grand View Research

Grand View Research provides premium market research and intelligence reports to Fortune 1,000 companies.

The Solution

Our team developed a new lead filtering process to better identify leads primed for conversion.

To accomplish this, the existing sales funnel was completely redesigned and segmented into focused subcategories that would enable more targeted, meaningful, and sustained follow-up with each newly acquired lead based on their specific market interests. A new scoring system was put in place that combined all tracking data in order to properly segment leads into the proper stages of the sales funnel.

A variety of new automated email campaigns were also developed to support the new lead funnel segmentation, including: sample requests, purchase inquiries, analyst support, and more.

  • Audited and optimized Grand View Research’s HubSpot instance in order to optimize for higher conversions
  • Increased utilization of available tools, assets, and tracking, reporting efforts in the platform
  • Built out marketing automation campaigns designed to increase the conversion rate of free sample leads to closed deals
  • Put in place a lead scoring and MQL/ SQL/PQL system within HubSpot to better identify, nurture, and convert high-intent leads

The TribalVision team exhibits a great balance of strategic direction with tactical execution. Four years into our partnership, I'm very happy with our team and the results they conducted.

- Brian Haven President & Co-Founder
Grand View Research

The Results

Our optimizations as within HubSpot workflows resulted in the following:

  • 500K+ emails deployed
  • 29% open rate
  • 4% click through rate
  • 56k+ enrollments within HubSpot
  • 71 deals won
  • 229% ROI
deals won
return on investment