Modernizing an HVAC Company’s Website to Help Increase Conversion Rates

Case Study

The Situation

SpacePak is a major manufacturer of low-profile central heating and cooling systems designed to preserve the architectural and aesthetic integrity of the home.

Despite strong customer satisfaction with its innovative product lines, SpacePak found its website was a liability when it came to engaging new prospects.

Our team was brought on to refresh the design of the SpacePak website to present a more contemporary, credible image for the brand while also optimizing the web experience for conversion.

About SpacePak

SpacePak is a HVAC company that provides their customers with a best-in-class central heating and cooling system that increases comfort, saves space, and preserves the aesthetics and architectural integrity of homes, with minimal renovation.

The Solution

Our team took a top-down approach to overhaul SpacePak's website and lead generation processes. We worked with internal stakeholders to develop updated messaging that better reflected SpacePak's core differentiation and values, and completely re-engineered the sitemap and page structure to more intuitively and effectively convert visitors.

  • Developed page-level wireframes to optimize the user experience for each discrete section of the website
  • Streamlined the information architecture to guide homeowners toward an appropriate, practical conversion goal for each stage of the funnel
  • Re-designed the website to present a more modern, visually appealing brand image
  • Provided a robust and improved SEO strategy
  • Integrated HubSpot lead capture forms and developed segmented marketing automation workflows to streamline post- conversion communications with new leads
  • Developed a reporting dashboard and a regular reporting cadence.

The Results

  • Achieved a 41.5% increase in lead form submissions – From 39 to 162 total form submissions
  • Achieved a YoY increase in lead submissions of 38.95%
  • Achieved a YoY conversion increase of 415%
increase in lead
form submissions
YoY increase
in lead submissions
YoY conversion