Revamping HubSpot and Google Ads to Drive Revenue and Build Brand Recognition

Case Study

The Situation

LaserStar designs and manufactures industrial laser sources and workstations for welding, cutting, engraving, and motion systems.

After making a large capital investment in HubSpot, LaserStar felt they were under-utilizing the platform’s powerful solution set, and looked to our team to help them get the most out of HubSpot, while also seeking to improve their digital lead generation performance.

About LaserStar

A B2B laser manufacturer with customers in the medical, jewelry, and industrial markets.

The Solution

To ensure LaserStar was able to maximize its utilization of the platform, TribalVision conducted a detailed audit of LaserStar’s existing sales and marketing workflows and customized HubSpot’s setup to work seamlessly with the team’s established business processes.

We implemented new features and functionality to more effectively segment and track leads entering the pipeline and developed a customized reporting dashboard to provide visibility into key sales metrics. In addition, we segmented HubSpot pipelines and built supporting automation campaigns for a more efficient and measurable sales process, as well as expanded automated lead outreach and qualification processes.

Additionally, our team developed a new paid search strategy for the business using a highly segmented, conversion-focused keyword mix to maximize investment in the channel and drive strong ROI with bottom of the funnel leads.

TribalVision has helped us advance our CRM operations, email marketing, paid advertising, and other ad hoc marketing promotions. I enjoy working with TribalVision as they’re constantly analyzing data to find new opportunities to grow our marketing and sales efforts.

- James Gervais, President & COO
LaserStar Technologies, Orlando, FL

The Results

With only a modest $5,000 monthly advertising budget, our team was able to transform Google Ads into a highly profitable marketing engine while driving sales efficacy and follow-through using HubSpot.

  • Exceeded annual sales targets by 45%
  • Drove attributable revenue through paid search in excess of $180,000
  • Increased email open rates by 51%
increase in
generated from
paid search