Bridging The Gap Between Digital Engagement and Retail Sell-Through

Case Study

The Situation

Derby Building Products is a major manufacturer of polymer stone and shake cladding products.

Derby enlisted our team to lead the company’s digital marketing efforts and generate demand for Novik, their flagship line of modular stone siding, in the retail channel at participating Home Depot stores.

About Derby

A manufacturer of exterior polymer stone and shake cladding, Derby redefines these categories with unmatched color technologies and unrivaled realism for the new construction, replacement, and remodeling markets.

The Solution

Competing against traditional masonry and stone veneer in a category characterized by the need for skilled tradesmen to complete installation, TribalVision developed an omni-channel campaign to position Novik as the only stone siding solution designed specifically for the DIY audience.

By highlighting the speed and simplicity of installation for those without specialized trade skills or tools, we were able to generate conversions at 4x the industry average.

  • Refreshed the Novik website to more effectively communicate the positioning and product differentiationNurtured those who took incremental indicators of interest on landing pages with automated email workflows to direct users to their local store
  • Leveraged programmatic display and geo-fencing to track digital impressions back to brick and mortar foot traffic at focus retail locations
  • Supported in-store demonstrations with retargeting campaigns and custom collateral
  • Deployed an omni-channel campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Paid Search to target homeowners within an effective radius of participating Home Depot locations
  • Implemented lookalike targeting to expand our reach with audiences similar to those who engaged with our campaigns

There are a lot of digital firms that could run a digital campaign and track it. But from the beginning our experience with TribalVision has been very collaborative. Not only did they have the tracking metrics we needed, they helped with creative, plus their project management as good as I have ever seen. They keep us on track, making sure that despite everyone’s busy schedule we continued moving forward on what we said we were going to do. With digital, creative, and project management, TribalVision helped create the three-legged stool necessary for us to be successful.

- Ralph Bruno, CEO & President
Derby Building Products

The Results

2 months post launch we achieved the following results:

  • Drove 208 in-store visits to the 19 target in-store locations
  • Generated 5,541 clicks on our “Buy Near You” and “Find Store Near You” landing pages with:
    • Facebook and Instagram campaigns attributed 5,047 conversions
    • Facebook & Instagram: 25% conversion rate, nearly 20% above the industry benchmark (industry benchmark conversion rate: 6.56%)
  • Google Search attributed 264 conversions
    • Average Conversion Rate across campaigns: 20.82%
    • Average Conversion Rate across the entire Search Network: 4.40%
  • Display campaigns garnered 230 total conversions
landing page
clicks generated
in-store visits to
19 target locations