Unifying a Brand and Building a Lead Generation Machine

Case Study

The Situation

PURVIS Systems is a preferred technology solutions provider that develops, implements, and maintains information technology and communications systems for federal & local governments.

Prior to our engagement, PURVIS lacked a cohesive brand, message, and value proposition—with key offerings divided across three discrete web properties. Given these pain points, PURVIS brought on our team to consolidate its brand touchpoints and develop a lead generation engine to drive a steady supply of qualified leads.

About PURVIS Systems

PURVIS Systems provides technology solutions for the public safety industry and the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Solution

We partnered with PURVIS stakeholders to create a centralized website experience and update the existing brand identity to present a more credible, contemporary, and representative image for the business.

Our team then implemented a multi-channel lead generation campaign that included email, paid search, and trade advertising to generate a steady flow of top-funnel leads to feed PURVIS’ sales pipeline.

  • Conducted interviews with critical stakeholders in order to better understand the synergies across product and industry lines.
  • Built and deployed custom VOC surveys to PURVIS clients and partners to identify strengths and weaknesses, brand perceptions, and key loyalty motivators.
  • This exercise set initial benchmarks for the client; helped chart the course for marketing, sales, and R&D; and helped drive buy-in and adoption across the organization.

The staff at TribalVision is professional, skilled, easy to work with, and respected by our team. The deliverables are successful in accurately communicating the value proposition and clearly defining the brand image. The platform created is the foundation of the company website and operates on the marketing implementations made by TribalVision. They've been a dedicated partner throughout.

- Rick Foster, Business Development and Marketing

The Results

Our team helped fuel sales growth with consistent lead generation.

  • Generated 307 new leads over the course of the year at a $127 average cost per lead.
  • Generated 157 new leads from relevant customer segments across the country over the course of 6 months.
  • Drove a multi-touchpoint email series targeting an existing database of ~4,000 contacts drove 24 new leads within a 3-month period.
  • Drove a separate multi-touchpoint prospecting email series targeting a cold list of 20,000+ contacts drove 47 new leads.
new leads after
one year
new leads after
6 months