Does your business measure up?

In today’s fast paced online revolution, it’s easy to be left behind. Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective. Popular new tools and websites hit the mainstream each day, causing further fragmentation of marketing channels. Embracing Web 2.0 tools and social media networks is now crucial for all businesses. But with most small business owners juggling multiple hats from management to marketing, it’s difficult to keep pace.

Why should you get on board with this marketing revolution? A recent study from McKinsey identified that companies that embrace the latest 2.0 tools are seeing substantial results. In fact, companies that integrated the use of six or more 2.0 technologies into employees’ daily activities were significantly more likely to increase market share than companies that had minimal Web 2.0 use. These technologies are here to stay, and the businesses that embrace them with intensive use are seeing the greatest benefits.

Knowing all of this, how do you begin? The first step is to assess where your business stands. We’ve created a short, 10 question survey to help business owners evaluate their marketing strategies. It assesses all aspects of your marketing strategy – optimization, social media, customer experience, results analysis and more. Why not see how your business measures up? Are you marketing fit? Take the Market Smarter ‘Get Fit’ Challenge and find out now.