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TribalVision Joins Boston ENET to Discuss the Art and Science of Startup Marketing

On April 19th, TribalVision presented to the Boston Entrepreneur’s Network (ENET). Boston ENET organizes educational events each year designed to be a learning experience in a nurturing environment during which experts speak on a topic of interest to startup founders in the Boston region.

During the session, TribalVision Digital Marketing Director, Randi Lucius, shared insights into marketing analytics and key performance indicators every startup should consider and track when running marketing campaigns. During the presentation, Randi outlined everything a startup can track within analytics, from website behavior to traffic referral sources, to revenue generated by campaigns and traffic sources. TribalVision was joined by 3 additional presenters who discussed storytelling in marketing, social media thought leadership, and more. 

When asked about the session, Vice-Chair of Programs, Dan Skiba, stated, “In addition to offering ideas on how to market a new or future venture, we were excited to provide insights into how to best track marketing results so our ENET community can quickly recognize what’s working and what’s not. Nothing is worse for a startup than wasted resources, and TribalVision demonstrated that with the right analytics tools in place, an organization can quickly assess the strength of its marketing efforts and pivot, as necessary.”

When asked about the event, TribalVision’s Randi Lucius said, “It was a wonderful experience. Oftentimes, attention wanes when the word “analytics” is introduced. But as marketers today, we spend just as much time looking at hard data as we do with assessing new ad creative. To experience an audience as interested in the reporting side of marketing as we are at TribalVision was awesome!” 

About Boston ENET: The Boston Entrepreneurs’​ Network (ENET) offers an unrivalled opportunity to network with entrepreneurs and professionals from high tech, biotech, medtech and many supporting industry sectors. In the modern tech economy, where innovative commercial and consumer products may derive from the combined insights of engineers, biologists, chemists, and coders, ENET brings all of these skills together – in the interest of sparking new ideas and nurturing new startups. For more information visit

About TribalVision: TribalVision is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides outsourced marketing services to organizations looking to accelerate top-line growth. TribalVision is focused on utilizing its clients’ marketing budgets as efficiently as possible – ensuring that every dollar spent maximizes awareness, drives meaningful brand engagement, and generates sales. With 10+ years in the market and a team of 65+ full-time strategists, marketers, creatives, and digital specialists on staff, TribalVision is a turn-key solution that equips organizations with the resources and knowledge needed to accelerate top-line growth and reach their full growth potential.