What Do Great Dads & Great Marketing Have in Common?

June 20 – it’s a day when we pause to celebrate what the Dads (and Dad-like figures) in our lives have done for us. As shopping in the coming weeks sends you on a hunt for a gift that isn’t a new tie, a pair of socks, or a new set of golf balls, take a moment to see what great dads and great marketing have in common.

They Nurture You

Every great dad sticks by their kid. Solid parent relationships aren’t built just by attending that one play you did in first grade – they’re built by being an ongoing, steady presence in a child’s life. Well, the same goes for marketing. We are inundated with so many marketing messages every day that it’s very unlikely that your message is going to stick after a single print ad or the occasional boosted social post. Marketing requires consistency, repetition, and frequency across a variety of platforms in order to be effective. Check out one of our earlier blogs for more on how to develop an effective multi-touchpoint campaign that nurtures prospects and builds a lifelong relationship.

They Invest Quality Time in You

As Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle” classic reminds us, quality time is critical if you want to build a lasting relationship – with kids or prospects. How can you show prospects you’re invested in them? By taking time to create quality content that’s relevant to their needs. With a world of information at our fingertips, marketing content that is a) generic b) self-aggrandizing c) lacking in thought leadership simply won’t drive interest in your brand. Take the time to understand your prospects’ needs and pain points at various stages of their decision-making journey, and map your content to those interests and needs. Prospects will recognize the time investment and reciprocate with their own.

They Teach You New Things

The family recipe for great omelettes. How to change the oil in your car. How to nail that chord transition on the guitar or that layup on the court. Dads are a wealth of knowledge, and we’re always learning from them. While great marketing can’t debate you on whether or not the Rolling Stones are better than Led Zeppelin, marketing should always be teaching you about your prospects’ interests and how your campaigns are performing. Monitoring, testing, optimizing, and adapting your marketing initiatives is a critical component of running effective campaigns. Measure everything you market so you’re in a continual state of improvement. Without it, you could be wasting marketing dollars on efforts that aren’t driving the ROI you want.


To all the dads out there who are nurturing relationships, investing quality time in us, and teaching us new things, we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!