Should my Brand Embrace TikTok? 4 Considerations Before Creating an Account

We’ve all heard of it, but what exactly is TikTok? TikTok is a social media platform that encourages short-form mobile-first videos (less than 3 minutes) to reach a diverse audience. With over 100M U.S. monthly users, TikTok is no longer the social media channel only for Gen Z, and COVID-19 has only expedited that. 

So should your brand be part of this rapidly growing social channel? The answer isn’t so cut-and-dry, but we’ll help you get started with 4 things you should know before creating an account.  

  • Who is your audience? 

Start with your audience first. Is your audience on TikTok? What is their digital behavior? If your primary target audience is 40 or older, you may want to consider another platform. 

  • Are your competitors on TikTok? 

Before hopping on any platform, conducting a competitor analysis should be one of your first steps. But with TikTok, it’s even more critical. Sure, it’s easy to see whether your competitors are on TikTok or not, but are their presences successful? What type of content do they create? What’s their engagement? If your competitors are on TikTok but not successful, identify why before creating an account. 

  • Do you have the resources to maintain it? 

If you feel confident with your answers to the first two questions, it’s time to talk resources. Creating a TikTok profile is one thing, and then maintaining a successful account is another. Does your marketing department have the A.) bandwidth and B.) creative resources to undertake this? Remember to include community engagement as part of your strategy. 

  • What is your creative angle? 

Traditional branded marketing content will flop on TikTok ― 3 in 4 users feel the content is unique from other platforms, so you can’t get away with only reusing content from other channels. You need to establish a creative angle and stick with it. 

If you know the answers to all of those questions (and feel confident) ― it’s not time to create your account just yet. It’s strategy time! Develop your brand strategy, map out creative concepts, build a TikTok calendar, and prepare for community management.